Installation and maintenance of air conditioning in Naples and in Europe

SaGi Clima is a company based in Naples specializing in the design, manufacture and maintenance of hydraulic, plumbing and air conditioning systems. The quality company services are primarily focussed on companies and large industries. The company is the ideal partner for industrial groups in Campania and Italy due to its diligence and professionalism.

About us

SaGi Clima of Giovanni Autiero & Co. is a leader in the air conditioning industry, thanks to the expertise and reliability of years and years of experience and development. Our business is based on a complete production cycle: firstly we manufacture and then install metal conduits and polyurethane conduits for air conditioning, ventilation and thermo-ventilation systems of various kinds. We are available 24/7, with an efficient roster system to ensure maximum availability for our customers; SaGi Clima offers design, site inspections and maintenance, and industrial plant maintenance across the Neapolitan metropolitan area.

Our work

Thanks to the collaboration of our competent, knowledgeable, up-to-date team, this Neapolitan company offers its services to factories and businesses, producing industrial air-conditioning systems, circular ducting, filtration, heating and smoke intakes and air ducts. Using state-of-the-art and the latest-generation equipment, the company performs pipe calendering, stainless steel pipe construction, galvanized sheet metal and all kinds of tin products. SaGi Clima is committed to maintaining all plant installations and supplying accessories, spare parts and components of all kinds for industrial ducting and air conditioners.
Please contact us for a quotation or to request further information: sagiclima@libero.it
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