Industrial air conditioning plant in the province of Naples

SaGi Clima is a certified company, experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of industrial air conditioning systems. Quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained and competent team are pillars of our Neapolitan company, which has become the “go to” company for large and medium-sized buyers.

Excellence & Competence

The air conditioning systems supplied by SaGi Clima to our customers are the result of careful and organized teamwork, a quality with unmatched ability of our highly qualified installers and technicians with the most up-to-date skills. The company relies on its specialized personnel to ensure the realization and installation of efficient, safe and versatile air conditioning systems for every company and industry.

SaGi Clima

Equipping your work environment with a modern air conditioning system allows you to optimize every single production phase, giving uncompromised comfort throughout the year.  For SaGi Clima our priority is always the customer: our team are responsible for the maintenance of air conditioning, hydraulic and thermal plants in the post-test phase. Our Neapolitan plant engineering solutions are installed in companies, barracks, hotels, sports and commercial facilities, schools and industries.
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